Kingdom Krav Maga

6:30-7:30 Level 1 & 2 Krav Maga
7:30-8:30 Level 3-6 Krav Maga

6:30-7:30 Level 1 & 2 Krav Maga
7:30-8:30 Level 3-6 Krav Maga

Adult and Kids Classes Run Concurrently

"Practical Knowledge and Skills for a Dangerous World"

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Home Invasion Preparation Tactics

These days, the possibility of you being the victim of a home invasion is unfortunately all too real.

This Level 1 introductory class begins with developing the mindset that you must possess to survive such a violent encounter. We examine the mindset of a predator and how you need to think to stay prepared for such an event, as well as the strategies to avoid this ever happening to you in the first place.

We start the class by examining principles of lighting and other things for you to consider about outside of your home to deter a person from picking you as a possible target.

We study how to put a plan into place for your home and your family. With the family dynamics and the layout totally different from home to home, we will train you in general principles of making a plan that is specific to your situation, and how to implement your plan.

We train in techniques of self-defense to defeat an attacker if he does make his way into your home. This is a very in depth class in self-defense techniques and protection strategies.

We finish out our day with scenarios that will help you apply the techniques you have learned.

There is no live firearms training in this Level 1 course, but it is a prerequisite for the Level 2 class that will be ½ day of live firearms training at the range.

• Efficient Training Period. You can attain a high level of proficiency in a short period of time. The program is easy to learn.

• Retention of Training. Because the system is based upon common principles and natural/instinctive/ gross motor skill movements, you can retain these techniques with minimal review and retain them under stress. 

• Practical Techniques. The core emphasis of this system is on effectiveness and simplicity. This real-world system provides realistic defenses against a variety of aggressive attacks, whether the assailant is armed or unarmed.

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MONDAY: 5:30-6:30                  Coming Soon            
MONDAY: 6:30-7:30                  Coming Soon     

TUESDAY: 6:30-7:30                  Level 1 & 2 Krav Maga
TUESDAY: 7:30-8:30                  Level 3-6 Krav Maga

WEDNESDAY: 5:30-6:15            Coming Soon     
WEDNESDAY: 6:30-7:30           Coming Soon     

THURSDAY: 6:30-7:30               Level 1 & 2 Krav Maga
THURSDAY: 7:30-8:30               Level 3-6 Krav Maga

FRIDAY: 4:00-4:45                      Coming Soon     

SATURDAY: 10:00am                  Speciality


Kingdom Krav Maga

Adult & Kids Classes Run Concurrently